A compilation of Non Sequitur reviews
Thumbnail of Nashville Music Guide website
Nashville Music Guide
It will take you away from the physical world and into a mystical world of dreams.
Thumbnail of Examiner.com website
an album that is full of many moods but maintains the same theme - one of inspired excellence
Thumbnail of Art & Culture Maven website
Art & Culture Maven
ably spans the gap between contemporary classical and electronic pop music.
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Guardian Liberty Voice
an epic movement of classical and synth fusion. It is different, in a good way.
Thumbnail of Skope website
a wonder-filled experience laced with world music influences
Thumbnail of Soletron website
There is an under current of groove that most modern classical music is devoid of.
Thumbnail of Empty Lighthouse website
Empty Lighthouse
eclectic and soothing, with an electronic sound that is different than any other
Thumbnail of Vents Magazine website
Vents Magazine
angelic melodies which perfectly clash with a roaring and almost forceful drive
Thumbnail of NeuFutur Magazine website
NeuFutur Magazine
links together these disparate styles in a compelling and sensible format
Thumbnail of HEAR Magazine website
HEAR Magazine
It plays perfectly to the mind allowing the subconscious to flow into a groove
Thumbnail of Quarter Life Conversations website
Quarter Life Conversations
will put you in a trance that will subconsciously provoke you to move mountains
Thumbnail of Blogcritics website
very different, sometimes contrasting and potentially clashing genres in an intriguing whole
Thumbnail of The DJ List website
The DJ List
definitely worth listening to if you are in search for something different and unique
Thumbnail of Rebel Rebel website
Rebel Rebel
a floaty, out of body dream dance in the privacy of your living room
Thumbnail of Listen Here! website
Listen Here!
truly beautiful and a joy to listen to
Thumbnail of Just Relax website
Just Relax
Non Sequitur takes us on a magical journey.
Thumbnail of Splash Magazines website
Splash Magazines
His sound is unique and a change from most electronic music out there now.
Thumbnail of Seattle Pi website
Seattle Pi
a unique journey with frequent stops at uniquely colorful places.
Thumbnail of Shockya.com website
cinematic, yet equally sensible and traditional melodies.
Thumbnail of Freaks of Nurture website
Freaks of Nurture
always hits the gas pedal at the most opportune moments
Thumbnail of The Daily Opinion website
The Daily Opinion
very carefully constructed […] Sometimes dramatic, sometimes quiet and delicate
Thumbnail of Veggie Fans website
Veggie Fans
an interesting and engaging piece of sonic art that encourages imagination and wonder.
Thumbnail of Weekly Podcast website
Weekly Podcast
expansive sonic landscapes, haunting, twisting melodies and baroque chord patterns. Unpredictable and immersive
Thumbnail of Mp3 Medication website
Mp3 Medication
an escapist and dreamlike sound
Thumbnail of Manifesto Magazine website
Manifesto Magazine
will definitely brighten your summers and other seasons ahead
Thumbnail of Abysmal Hymns website
Abysmal Hymns
This is a very unique album and is recommend for anyone who enjoys music of a majestic scope that moves you
Thumbnail of In Your Speakers website
In Your Speakers
explores the diversity and individuality
Thumbnail of Hofisbetter website
It's really got a cool soundtrack feel to it
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